Where (most of) the magic happens

my bad ass computer table setup

It really does pay off to take some time (and spend some money) to get your computer/office layout dialed in. Mine is very minimal, but with the addition of a brand new chair yesterday (a $65 floor display model from Office Depot), is just about perfect! The only thing I am waiting to upgrade…is my computer. I really want this and this. Yes Gavin and Richard, I am very very envious.

I’ve had this setup for the past few months and using the computer is so much more enjoyable. My previous setup was just wrong….lighting was poor, table was always cluttered, wires all over the place, bad Feng Shui. Now I have:

  • My gorgeous iMac 20″computer. No, she is not a Core-Duo or Core-2-Duo. Don’t pick on her…she is still cute :)
  • Apple airport
  • Blue-tooth Keyboard and Mouse (no more wires!)
  • iPod Hi Fi remote control
  • Large desk from Costco Home (their test store in Kirkland rocks!)
  • Flat back chair from Office Depot
  • Desk lamp with natural-spectrum light bulb
  • Dancing Nataraja bronze statue for inspiration
  • Glass-o-agua….the most important part of any office desk setup
  • Think your computer setup beats this? Not a chance!

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    5 thoughts on “Where (most of) the magic happens

    1. All right, You’re right Ravi. I’m going to clean up the desk and do the challenge. This is going to be way harder than the blogging challenge.

      I used to argue with my mother that I didn’t need to clean my room, because entropy would eventually lead everything to its correct place given enough time.

    2. Hey Charity – I have seen u in years. U around this week? We should get coffee or something. I leave on December 6th and will gone for a month! (Palm Springs and then india!)

      Yo Chuck – I used to think the whole clutter thing was OK…ya know…law of entropy and all. Why fight natrure? I now see that having a clean desk is sooooo important. If I let myself just act according to how the cards naturally fall (i.e. dont make my bed, clean my desk, exercise occasionally etc)…I ended up just being mediocre. I dont wanna be mediocre!

      For me, my clean deks helps me focus and get stuff done. Also, I have a giant framed picture of lance armstrong above my computer desk….so when I feel like slackin and browsin the web or watchin YouTube, Lance just yells at me to get my ass in gear.


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