Take Your Health To The Next Level

(Dr. T video on Chronic Fatigue)

I’ve spent far too many hours this weekend pouring over content by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren on YouTube through his Dr. T in 3 series, his free tele-seminars available on The Truth About Your Food and his website, Ecopolitan.com (a clever take on Ecological and Metropolitan).

The Dr.T in 3 features quick 3-minute commentaries on various aspects of health and nutrition – offering fresh and no-nonsense perspectives on everything from the impact of dairy products on health to why so many people are facing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and what to do about it!).

The tele-seminars on The Truth About Your Food are very in-depth (most are over an hour long) and are absolutely packed with some amazing information, including recorded Q&A.

His insights are delivered in an incredibly clear and fact-based manner and he touches on a wide array of topics relating to health, wellness and longevity. Wow, so refreshing.

What I like most of his approach is that he is not afraid to take on conventional wisdom fed to us through mass media – as well as also de-bunk some common myths that are floating around vegan and raw-food communities. His insights are based on logic and fact, and it is worth your time to listen to a few tele-seminars or his view his YouTube videos.

Below are a few of my favorite Dr. T in 3 Videos: (Note: if you are reading this e-mail in a RSS reader or through e-mail, you won’t see the videos below. Please click this link to view the full post – including the videos!)


Gluten Sensitivity



Kudos: Thanks to the team at We Like It Raw for dishing up great info….I discovered Dr. T through a reference in a post on their site. Check out their site!

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3 thoughts on “Take Your Health To The Next Level

  1. Thanks for visiting Brian! I’ve seen you many times and taken your class long ago (even tried the float tank years ago!). I need to float again sometime..that was awesome.

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