What is Your Winnable Gap?

A “Winnable Gap” is a realistic and tangible first step of progress in the context of a larger goal.It is something you can accomplish without requiring any significant shift in your own state of affairs beyond your capacity to focus and dedicate some time to moving towards it.

You might have a goal of being financially independent in the next 10 years, but the Winnable Gap might be eliminating your credit card debt or creating a system to begin paying down that debt if the sum is overly large.

If your goal if to complete a marathon and you have never “run” before in your life, your Winnable Gap might be to complete a 5K, even if it means walking the entire thing.

The ability to both set big audacious goals and also determine your Winnable Gap are equally important. Without accomplishing the things that are near-term and realistic, your lofty goals will remain a pipe dream.


One thought on “What is Your Winnable Gap?

  1. I’m starting university this week as a mature age woman and I am freaking out. I enjoyed your post as I can think is small manageable steps to achieveing a life long dream. Thank you for your posts I love them.

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