Tony Robbins Interviews 108 Year Old Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor

If anyone has a reason to be angry at the world it is 108 year old Nazi holocaust survivor Alice Herz Summer.

She lost her family. She suffered incredibly at the hands of her captors. However, what is so remarkable is that she isn’t angry. Not at all. She considers herself as “optimistic and laughing from the beginning of my life.” She lives by herself, plays the piano daily and has an outlook on life that we can all learn from. For her, life is never terrible…it is a gift.

What I took away from this video is:

  • Be grateful for everything – a smile, the sun, “everything is a present”
  • Never hate, we are all sometimes good and sometimes bad
  • Things are not so terrible, no matter what you might think
  • Focus on the good and learn from the bad
  • Learn, learn, never stop learning
  • Music is her food, her religion…and her medicine…”Bach is better than 100 pills!”

For me, the most powerful insight comes 10 minutes into the video…..”living ones life backwards.”

Take 12 minutes out of your day and watch this video. I’ve watched it several times already since this morning. It is guaranteed to shift your perspective in a positive way.


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8 thoughts on “Tony Robbins Interviews 108 Year Old Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor

  1. thank you for sharing this … it is simply said … if only we all can strive to internalize this such that we live this way today and not wait till we get old …. she lived every stage of her life fully no matter what … we should try the same …

  2. Very inspiring… I’ll think of her when I have a bad time. “She knows about the bad, but she focuses on the good”. Thank you Ravi for sharing!

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