The Value of Building Things Yourself

I just built a little raised bed in my yard.

I needed more space to plant greens (I eat a TON of them!) and this part of my lawn was already destroyed from overgrowth and pine needles that killed off the grass.

It was a simple little project, just arranging some rocks, adding soil and planting seeds (all organic!) – but it feels good having done it. Building things with your hands isn’t about doing something cheaper or better, it’s about the sense of accomplishment and pride that can only come from creating something from scratch – by yourself.

What are you building?

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4 thoughts on “The Value of Building Things Yourself

  1. I am so glad I found this site. Congrats on completing your raised bed. I live in NYC and my downstairs neighbors have totally transformed our back yard. They are growing all kinds of plants and vegetables, in fact my neighbor gave me some okra and fresh mint from their garden this morning.

    Also, the video was so special. Who knew McDonalds would be behind sharing such a beautiful story of family and tradition. It also made me desire a burger. lol

    Continued Abundance,

  2. I started a stone garden a couple of years back. The plants that I have were disgarded as being worthless because they had been badly unattended. All it took was a little love, attention and a lot of patience and each of them sprang back to life. I used a food suppliment once a week and keep the soil moist but not sopping wet. About once a week I spray the leaves lightly with a plant food suppliment. It is important not to over feed.

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