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All For Love

An ancient Hindu story tells of Lord Hanuman carrying an entire mountain in the hope of it containing a herb that can cure Sri Lakshmana - who was like a brother to him. Such is the love that one being can have towards another.

What would you do for someone you truly love?

Would you do whatever it takes to keep them healthy? Would you go out of your way to keep them safe and to protect them from trouble? Would you spare no effort to make sure they received a proper education? Would you give them all the care they needed? Would you give them the attention they deserve? Would you push and challenge them to be more than they “think” they can be? Would you lift their spirits when they were in a “funk”? Would you laugh with them? Would you be truly present when you were around them? Would you be totally OK with their physical appearance just the way they are? Would you support them in their struggles and celebrate their victories?

If the answer to any or all of these questions are YES YES YES, then please do ask yourself just one last question.

If you would show that kind of love to another being, why not start by showing it first to yourself?


  1. Jennifer says:

    Great post and excellent question to start the day! Self-love is not egotistic but essential if one is to truly love another, whether that person be a family member, friend, lover, etc. I think it takes strength to look in the mirror and truly feel the love for the person starring back at you, but when you do and you feel that divine love throughout your body, it is definitely empowering. Not always easy but it is totally rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

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