Author: Ravi Raman

Basso Wins Giro!

I can’t say this was a surprise. I guess it’s sorta like plaing hide and seek in your own house when you are little kid. You know all the hiding spots. You know who is going to hide where. Regardless, it is still a lot of fun. That is how the last week of the …

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Throw Your Weight Around

Was out with my buddies Kapil and Jeff tonight. Somehow, the conversation progressed to strength training. I have been reading up (and testing for myself in the gym), a style of weight training called Static Contraction. The gist of the technique, is to use extremely heavy weights, during static holds at near your point of …

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Strength Train With Your Own Bodyweight

The gym is closed. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m lazy. I don’t want to deal with traffic. Some days I just don’t feel like making the trek to the gym. Fighting traffic and dealing with the crowds in the locker room and gym floor are the last thing I want to do after a day …

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Giro D' Italia

The Giro D’ Italia is one of the three big tours (multi-day stage races) for the professional international cycling community; along with the Tour De France and the Vuelta Espana. The Giro started on May 6th and wraps up on Sunday. It is amazing to me that anyone can finish these tours, let alone race …

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Hello World

Hi everyone. My name is Ravi and I am excited to start this process of discovery. People around me are amazing. One of the biggest motivating factors in my life is the study of what makes people tick; what makes them strive to achieve in any aspect of their life. If you look at the …

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