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Bridging the Gap

In any situation where a gap exists between where you are and where you want to there is an opportunity for reflection and meditation. There are always a set of behaviors and emotional connections that have a direct impact on either creating or closing the gap. It is your job to tease these out.

But before you can start addressing the underlying causes, there first needs to be an understanding that a gap even does exist. This takes honesty and a real desire to make a change. It is also worth understanding that life is not static, and a small gap today could result in a large gap in the future if the root cause is not addressed.

e.g. If you are carrying an extra 20 pounds today, is it possible that a few years from now that trend will continue and you might be carrying far more extra weight? What will life be like then? How will that contrast with the way you would feel at your ideal weight? What behaviors are creating the gap today?

In the same way that small gaps become large over time, efforts to close gaps create a compounding effect over the long-term. e.g. Walking a few miles each day (a great way is to park further away from your place of work to force a walk to/from your car!) can over time (it might take a few years) melt away weight and keep it off.

Likewise, reading for just 30-minutes or so several nights each week can help you plow through a half-dozen books a year – and help you become proficient in a new skill or subject matter. Same thing with closing a gap in finances through saving a little more each month.

However, the most important thing is to be self-aware enough to realize that there is a gap to begin with.