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First Ever Reader Survey!

I’m doing a very short survey to better understand what you are looking for on this blog. I realize that in the last few years of blogging, I’ve never stopped to think who is actually reading it! The survey is ridiculously short, and will be super helpful for me in tuning the content to something …

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Five Blogs I Read

I read a ton of blogs, but here are five bloggers that I have been reading frequently of late. Derek Sivers. Creator of CD Baby. His blog is a combo of business advice for entrepreneurs, ideas for creative thinking and personal development advice. His posts are easy read and always insightful. His post about “Leadership …

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No Malware Here!

OK, I tried visiting my blog yesterday and a warning page appeared saying that it was being “blocked by Google” due to the presence of malware (i.e. bad software that makes your computer do bad things). I checked out my FTP site and noticed a new directory had been created with a ton of crazy …

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