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Warren Buffett – How to Identify a Good Investment

Words of wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet.   Highlights Habits and character matter a lot…pay attention to how things are done not just what gets done. People who function well are not the ones with the “biggest motors” they are the ones with the “most efficient motors.” Story of founder of Nebraska …

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Asset Allocation Basics

Buying individual stocks is a suckers game (the clowns on CNBC have it wrong). Investing, across a broad range of assets, is not. Heaps of financial research has shown that asset allocation is the single biggest factor driving investment portfolio performance. “Managed money” in mutual funds or handled by investment advisors almost always results in …

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Your Best Investment

The financial markets work in ridiculous ways. It’s impossible to predict what is going to happen in the markets, and I think that age-old wisdom to “buy and hold” is completely ineffective in today’s economy. I wholeheartedly think that investing in the traditional equities market is a sucker’s game, and I’ve put my money where …

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