Going to Bed Early

This past week I’ve been making it a point to go to bed early. For me, early means by 10pm at the latest, earlier if possible.

Normally I’ll be up until 11 or sometimes midnight on the computer.

I know that when I go to bed early, it is easier to wake up at a reasonable time without an alarm. When I wake at a reasonable time I’m more likely to get my training done in the morning and get to work earlier. When I get to work earlier I tend to get some big things done right away before meetings take over. When I get a few big things done at work every day I just feel good. When I feel good I end up being a more effective yoga teacher (when I teach after work on Mondays) and more pleasant when I interact with friends and family.

Overall, going to bed early has a massive and positive ripple effect throughout the rest of my day. It’s worth doing.