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Howdy, Some of you may have read on my Set Higher Standards blog that I’m starting a 1:1 coaching practice to support people in advancing their careers and businesses. This is a true passion of mine, and am taking some steps to make it a reality. If you have any desire to advance your career …

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Motivated.Life – My New Website

Hey there, I want to let you know that I just created a new website, called Motivated.Life. For most of my life (even as a little kid!) I would spend free time reading and learning about ways to improve the quality of my life. From self-development books, to video course to week-long seminars…I’ve invested a …

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Dream – Motivational Video

This video, “Dream” by Mateusz M, has over 15 million views on Youtube and for good reason. Every now and then I browse YouTube for inspiration. This one is a gem. The music, words and video clips are not only highly motivating, they are inspiring. Film clips represented are from some of my favorite movies: Into …

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During our travels we made three different trips to Yosemite National Park...a magical place!

Why I Left My Job to Travel The World

I’m writing this point to share my experience, in the hope that it helps other readers who are going through a similar situation make sense of it all. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the decision for staying in or leaving a job, particularly one you care about. The decision must be made by each …

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5 Tips for Setting Goals That Stick

I’ve heard the statistic thrown around that 80% of people never bother to set goals, and of the 20% that do, 70% fail. So we are talking about 20% goal setters with a 30% success rate. This means that only about 6% of the population proactively directs their life to keep it moving it in …

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The Value in Hiring a Coach

This past weekend I decided to give downhill skiing a try. I skied a handful of times in high school, but that was almost 20 years ago. Since then, I have been a snow boarder and for the past 15 years or so, I’ve gotten out a handful of times a year. I also love …

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How to Quit Drinking Coffee

I love coffee. I have a cup (or two!) every morning. For a long time I never drank the stuff, I just didn’t develop a taste for it. Once I graduated from college and started working at Microsoft, that changed. I started drinking coffee just to pass the time or while taking a break with co-workers. I …

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Minimalist Living vs. Your Stuff

I have a weird fascination with minimalist living. I don’t want to be a minimalist, but I do want to keep my life simplified to the point where I’m not spending hours every month trying to find stuff I already that’s buried in the bowels of a storage room somewhere. A friend of mine had a trick …

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Tiny House Living: Thoughts after 2 Weeks in a 200 sq. ft. Cabin

My wife and I are two weeks into a six-week stay in a Tiny House. Our little cabin in the woods is located on a horse pasture in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. After spending the past year traveling around the world and the USA visiting national parks (and living in a small tent, tiny …

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I’m Still Here!

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I’ve posted to this blog. Almost a year ago, I posted that I was leaving my career to travel the world with my wife. 11 months in…..we are still going strong! We have traveled throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and are six months into an …

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