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David Goggins – The Long Run

“When you think you are about ready to quit….you’re only at 40% of your potential” – David Goggins

If you like this video short by L-Studio, you can read more David at his website. He is an active member of theĀ  Navy Seals and avid ultra-marathon runner and triathlete.

He took up endurance running fairly recently and as his first triathlon completed the grueling Ultra-Man (more than a double Ironman!). I love to see stories about people like David, who are shattering our limiting beliefs about the human potential.


  1. Scott G. F. says:

    Currently training for my first marathon in Tampa March 1st.
    Seeing this inspires!!

    Thank you is all I can say.

  2. Ravi Raman says:

    Hey Darrick, just click on the little “” icon in the bottom right of the video. You can then copy the “embed” code and paste that into your post. It should slot in just like a YouTube video does.

  3. darrick says:

    This was wonderful to see…..i remember racing with David in 2006…he was unstoppable eventhen being one of his first.
    How do I put this on my blog like you did?

  4. YoungLegz says:

    David Goggins is an UNBELIEVABLE person. Aside from his extrordinary accomplishments in running, he is a true American hero and role model. Keep doing great things for this country and world Goggins!!

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