Embracing Uncertainty

There is a direct correlation between the amount of uncertainty that you are able to let into your life and accept, and the quality of your overall life experiences. The best things that I have ever experienced in my life were born from situations that were to a large extent highly uncertain. A few example….there was a huge amount of uncertainty around:

  • how I would finish my first marathon
  • how I would finish my first Ironman triathlon (and make it to the start line period!)
  • how I would swim across Puget Sound (3.5 miles in 50 degree water!)
  • how I would do on my honors chemistry final in college
  • how I would complete numerous challenging work projects
  • how I would fare in that longshot job interview
  • how I would find my way back the trailhead after getting lost in the woods for a bit
  • how I would navigate the streets and cultures of those foreign countries
  • how I would have the courage to teach my first yoga class
  • how I would manage my finances in a challenging economy
  • how I would fare in throwing a party for a bunch of friends
  • how I would get everything I need to get done in an incredibly short period of time

The list could go on and on.

Life is full of uncertainty, but sometimes it is exactly when you want to quit that you should stay and push through. Uncertainty is not a bad thing, it is reality. The better you are able to handle these situations, the more new and expanded possibilities will open up in your life – and the more fulfilled you will feel.

One thought on “Embracing Uncertainty”

  1. Ravi – brilliant and timely! This is also at the heart of “flow” right? When I really want something and I push outside my comfort zone – I grow my box and once I’ve done that one thing that seemed impossible, I can do the next. At the same time – stopping and being present with savoring what I’ve created is key.

    The other thing that struck me – there’s always uncertainty around me. The current environment is simply on steroids with a cosmic consciousness that’s focused on it – and focused on the grim aspects of it. IMAGINE if, we all could dream what’s on the other side of this change – and FOCUS on achieving that/those goals – individually and collectively? That I judge is truly powerful.

    Be well.

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