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Finding a Groove – Meditation Challenge Day 7

Found my groove over the past few days. After having a hard time sitting still and really wandering mind, things have settled down a bit. My mind still wanders, but not as much. Also, sitting for 20 minutes at a stretch is no problem at all. I’ve even noticed that I’ll open my eyes literally seconds before my alarm goes off!

In a couple of cases, I’ve day-dreamed pretty badly. In one case, I actually opened my eyes and was looking around, and actually started wondering why I was sitting on the floor and almost got up! Then I realized I was supposed to be meditating and closed my eyes again :)

Anyway, so far so good. The biggest shift I’ve noticed is that I’m able to focus much better during the day, and shift on to tasks quickly and drop whatever I was doing without worry or having my mind partially on the other task. These benefits are a paradox (focus and being able to shift focus quickly) but true.

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