First Ever Reader Survey Results!

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey. I’m keeping it open in case you haven’t had a chance to fill it out. It only takes 3 minutes and I read every response!

There were 74 completes, far more than I expected. I learned a lot from reading through the verbatim feedback. For the majority, there was no overwhelmingly strong desire to see more or less of any type of content on this blog. The most common feedback was “just keep doing what you are doing” or “keep writing about stuff that is interesting to you and whoever is interested will read it, the rest won’t.” That’s good to know!

Here’s a few data points:

  • Response rate was ~10%, with 74 completes and ~750 RSS/e-mail subscribers.
  • Average reader age is 38 years old, with a standard deviation of +/- 12 years.
  • Youngest reader is 17.
  • Most experienced (e.g. eldest 🙂 ) reader is 68.
  • 58% of readers are female.
  • 70% get readers get posts delivered directly to their e-mail inbox.

The most interesting info came from the recap the open-ended responses to two questions, “Why do you read this blog?” and “What do you want to see on this blog going forward?”  I read every answer  thoroughly and here a couple Wordle‘s that do a nice job summarizing the major take-away’s.:

Answer to: "Why do you read this blog?"
Answer to: "What topics do you want to see on this blog going forward?"

If you have a blog, I highly recommend putting up  a survey. There are plenty of free tools, and you’ll learn a bunch. If you are a data geek like me, it can be good fun!