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Good Stuff on The Web

Here are some great posts that I’ve ran across recently.

  • From Geek to Freak: How I Gained 34 lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks: From the blog of Tim Ferriss. Provides some tips on how to gain massive amounts of strength and size in a very short amount of training time with high intensity/low frequency weight training. I am putting this technique to the test myself, and am happy with the results.
  • Continuously Increase Productivity by Embracing the Optimization Mentality: By John Wesley. A discussion one of the behaviors that separates the successful, from the not so successful. That is, that the former are constantly improving themselves, whereas the latter remain complacent.
  • All Writing Should Be Free: By Hugh at gapingvoid. Of course since I work at Microsoft, I have my issues with people who think all software should be free. Glad to see Hugh is on my side! Check out the blue monster while you are at it.
  • Socialization 101:By ….well, I actually don’t know since he doesn’t post his name anywhere on the blog <weird> but does have a bio <without a name>….but at any rate he has some interesting observations about why we humans are acting the way we are.


  1. GBGames says:

    “All software should be free” isn’t about price, so unless you have a problem with people who prefer that software should provide certain freedoms to the user (which is a completely different argument entirely), then you may have misunderstood.

  2. ravisraman says:

    Hey Hugh, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I think everything is indeed a matter of context. That is a great point.

    Hey John. I’ve been following your blog. Bummer to hear that you got that pain in your neck. I had a similar thing happen to me a few months ago.

    To deal with it I switched to training with stricly bodyweight exercises (push ups, dips, pull ups) and lower body exercises (squats, leg press, lunges) until the pain subsided. It took a week or so, but I had to be careful to not reagrivate it.

  3. John Wesley says:

    I’ve been trying Ferriss’ workout routine and diet is well and writing about it on my blog. It’s going well and I’m interested to read about your experience.

    Thanks for sharing my article!

  4. hugh macleod says:

    I have nothing against free or paid-for software, like I said, any more than I have anything against free or paid-for writing, or free or paid-for cartoons. Everything is contextual.

    What I DO mind is third parties telling me that it has to be free, or telling me that it has to be paid-for, just to further their own personal agenda, without any consideration to my needs.

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