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Having Fun with my New Breville Juicer

I’ve been wanting to get a juicer for a while. My Vita-Mix is awesome but I like drinking thinner juices and not just thick smoothies every now and then. Juicing is also a great way to power through a large quantity of vegetables in short order.

I also watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I’ve seen it listed on Netflix for a while, but thought it would just be another boring story about why eating fruits and veggies are important. Today, I decided to watch it while laying in a catatonic state on my couch (after an epic morning of swim/bike/run training!).

Boy was I wrong. This documentary is really good. So good it motivated me to go out and buy a juicer. Calling around to a few local stores, they were all out of the model I wanted (the one featured in the documentary) – a Breville Juicer. I called Sur La Table and they mentioned that they only had 1 left, and that the entire chain was seeing a huge demand for them. They had new clue why…so I told them.

Anyway, I made my first juice today and it tastes awesome! So good, I’m going to make another right now 🙂

Ingredients (all organic)

  • 3 Dino Kale leaves
  • 1 Granny Smith apple
  • 1 small piece ginger
  • 1/2 small lemon
  • 1/2 large cucumber
  • 3 large celery stalks

This made a tall 16 ounce glass of amazing juice!


  1. Suniel says:

    After watching Fat Sick and almost Dying, we bought the 900 Watts Breville Juicer. This machine is awesome. I make 80 ounces every morning for my 5 member family. This is a fast and efficient machine. The one thing I discovered that, I reid put the pulp a once through and I get anywhere from 8 to 18 ounces of additional juice…….worth it to me

    The only issue is the clouding of the plastic……any suggestions?

    • Justin says:

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! The clouding on mine goes away after I run the parts through the dishwasher. I’ll do this about once a week (I typically juice 3-4 times per week). Good luck!

    • Toni LaMetterey says:

      I noticed a film build up too, even though I washed the parts immediately after juicing with a plastic scrubbie sponge. I was considering buying the Breville elite with all stainless parts so it would be easier to clean. First I tried to clean the parts, using ever increasing strength products. I tried several and the only one that worked is Chlorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach! I poured it into and over the part, let it set for 5 minutes and then scrubbed with the stiff brush that came with the juicer. Now the parts look like new! (I was cautious to try a small area at first in case damage would occur.)

  2. C. Wrinn says:

    We’ve owned Omega, Campion, Juiceman and the Breville JE900. I looked at the Jack LaLanne, but the motor is 3x’s less powerful and it isn’t as well made. The Breville 800JEXL 1000 is the best one yet!

    We juice everything from fruit to veggies. Kale, some wheat grass, collards, mustard greens, beets, carrots, peppers, chard, ginger, garlic. Anything and everything. We make 4 batches of juice at one time – (4 quarts). (Although you can put whole apples in it, you might want to take the seeds out as they contain trace amounts of a cyanide compound) The 800JEXL isn’t as noisy as the JE900. The basket is finer, too. The stainless steel body makes it easy to clean. It allows you to scrub the parts whereas you can’t use abrasives on the plastic models. After a while, they get residue build up from juicing greens. The pulp is dry and minimal if you follow directions. Breville juicers are the easiest to clean.

    If you are considering a juicer, don’t hesitate to buy this one. And from owning the JE900, I know the company stands behind their products.

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  4. Justin says:

    Hi Ravi! Long time reader and a first time poster. I literally had this same exact experience (watched the documentary, got interested, and bought the same “IKON” Breville unit). I’ve been juicing a few times a day since and loving it. I’d love to hear more about the juice combinations you create and if you have any tips on specific benefits (energy, endurance, etc.) of various veggies/fruits/roots. Also, any ideas on what to do with all the “waste”?

    I’ll also echo your thoughts on cleaning the unit – it’s easy, although I’d suggest some scrubbing after awhile to prevent a clouding film on the plastic.

    Last tip – they sell these at Bed Bath & Beyond, and if you use one of their 20% coupons, it’s a great deal.

    Happy juicing!

    • YogiRavi says:

      Hey Justin!

      I’ve been pretty much sticking to the recipe in the post. I vary the amount of kale, ginger, lemon depending on how strong I like the taste.

      I’ve also done a juice with some carrot and that is good…but I like the clean feeling I get when drinking the green juice with lots of cucumber and celery so that is what I’m sticking with for now.

      I need to start composting to put the waste to good use…but I live in an apartment now so that isn’t super practical for me.

  5. Ron Granich says:

    What is the exact model # you purchased and more importantly how easy is it to clean – which is always a problem with juicers

  6. Dan says:

    Did you consider the press style, like the Omega brand? I read articles that most of the raw food people say this extracts more juice and keeps temps down and keeps air out.

    • YogiRavi says:

      Didn’t do too much research on it….just got this one as it was featured in the documentary I referred to in the post. It works great so i’m happy.

  7. Tami says:

    Hows the cleaning? Someone offered us their Jack Lalane (sp?) power juicer because they hate cleaning it. Is the Breville pretty convenient? It is a pretty piece of machinery!

    • YogiRavi says:

      It rinses out with no trouble – it’s no more trouble than cleaning my Vita-Mix, just a few additional parts..and yes the thing looks gorgeous. In fact, they make a more expensive model that is almost totally stainless steel and looks like artwork, they were sold out of that one (it seems to be their most popular model) so I got the “IKON” version which was a $100 cheaper.

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