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How to Make a Dietary Change

The biggest insight I’ve ever had in making a dietary shift, is to not focus on what you are taking away (e.g. fried food, processed sugar, etc.) but instead to focus on what you are adding (e.g. more water, fresh fruits, greens, etc.).

Focus intently on what good things (or habits) you are adding and then you will find that the bad things will naturally have less room to fit in and you’ll lose appetite for them over time.

My afternoon snack a work yesterday, an MASSIVE organic nectarine from a family farm in eastern Washington. I get a weekly delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from this farm and the quality is incredible http://tinysorganic.com/


  1. Wendy sAtara says:

    Perfect timing for me Ravi! Slipping back to soy lattes and maybe something sugary to go with it… Have felt amazing for last 3 yrs after Anthony Robbins upw inspired a laser focus to improve my health but have let sugar and caffeine get there claws in for a while, there is no comparison to that beautiful nectarine of yours! Tha nks for the reminder, Wendy from Sydney

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