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I Just Drank My Salad!

I was making dinner and started munching away on some local (organic) field greens. I literally shove the stuff in my mouth until I can’t fit any more in and chew it like a cow. My goal is to keep chomping until whatever I am cooking is cooked. Hey, it beat snacking on potato chips.

Today, after a couple mouthfuls, it finally dawned on me….I have a blender…why not use it? I’ve actually never blended my greens before. It seemed incredibly strange filling the thing up with Arugula, Spinach and Red Lettuce….but I tried it out.

In the end, I blended a massive tub (the size of one of the big pre-packaged tubs you see at Whole Foods) of green into about 24 ounces of semi-solid mush. It didn’t taste like anything, and was more of a drink than a solid. It went down really smooth.
This was so much easier than chomping down on the salad…and I consumed about 4 times as much as I normally would have! Bonus!

Add to that my 32 ounces of fresh carrot juice this morning (go Jamba!), 2 apples, 2 bananas and a large bowl of bean sprouts…and I’m running clean today!…as long as you don’t count the two soy dogs I just inhaled.


  1. Craig says:

    You might consider a high end blender like the BlendTec or the Vitamix (used at Jamba). They are far and away better than the traditional consumer blenders. High priced though ($300).

  2. ravisraman says:

    Good idea! I prefer to eat my fruits seperately from anything else (they seem to digest better for me that way)….but maybe blended up it won’t cause any problems. Will have to try it!

  3. KS says:

    You can also add fruit to it too. That’s what I do on a daily basis, greens with fruit and water.

    There’s a great book called “Greens for Life” that you may like which is all about these Green Smoothies.

  4. Charity says:

    I wish I was running clean… however I did have my green smoothie 🙂 And survived a 90 minute soccer game PHEW!!

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