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I’m Still Here!

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I’ve posted to this blog. Almost a year ago, I posted that I was leaving my career to travel the world with my wife. 11 months in…..we are still going strong!

We have traveled throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and are six months into an epic road trip around the USA and Canada, visiting dozens of national parks along the way.

Our decision to take a career break seemed scary a year ago, but was absolutely the perfect decision for both of us.

We are spending the next six weeks being nordic ski bums while living in a “Tiny House” (really…it’s <200 square feet small!) in Canada. These six weeks will be the longest stretch we have stayed in one spot in the past year. To make things even more deluxe, we just got an internet connection to the Tiny House, so we will be able to blog more. You can read about our travel adventures at www.raviandalison.com.

Also, I plan to get back into a regular rhythm posting to www.sethigherstandards.com as well. If you are still subscribed, thanks for sticking it out!


    • Ravi Raman says:

      Hi Eslam, I’m not using the photo reading technique any more. It works, but takes a LOT of effort to keep up. However, I do use the skimming and skittering techniques when reading long articles and non-fiction work to help with speed and recall. Have you tried photo reading? Did it work for you?

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