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Motivation Returns

I wrote a post last week about my lack of motivation when it comes to weight training. In fact, for the past several months I have been hard pressed to put more than 30 minutes at a stretch in at the gym. I would walk in, do some squats and…and just get bored/tired and leave. This has never been such an issue for me in the past.

At first, I thought it was some issue with my diet. However, I haven’t made any radical changes of late. I thought it might have been an issue with my sleep schedule, but again, nothing really has changed there. Ultimately, I just figured I needed to change the way I lifted, and see what happens.

So starting last week, I made a few changes.

  • First of all, I am starting my lifting sessions with 20 minutes slow running on the treadmill. I despise treadmills, but with the cold weather in Seattle right now, it is convenient. My logic was that….I am a good runner, and just getting in the running groove at the start of my workout would have some carry-over to the weight training.
  • Next, I changed my lifting routine to minimize downtime. I don’t give myself any time to sit or stand still. In between sets, I will run over and do another exercise. For example, in between each of my three sets of squats, I will do a set of pull ups and push ups (or dips).
  • Lastly, I am continuing to focus primarily on compound exercises (those that invovle multi-joint movements like squats, presses, dips, pull ups, rows, dead lifts, etc.).
  • From a dietary standpoint, I am also consuming food about 1 hour prior to lifting. This would usually be an energy/protein bar, shake or some fruit (bananas, goji berries) and almonds.
  • Outside of the gym, I resumed communication with a few friends who are also weight training pretty hard. I had stopped regular communication with them, and realize that it is much easier to stay motivated when you are not going at it alone.  

So far so good. I am able to do more and my motivation has gone way up. Start my workouts with a 20 minute run is a big help. It makes me break a sweat, and there is something about sweating while lifting that makes you feel like you are working hard, and gives you motivation to work even more!


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