Peaceful Warrior: an amazing film


I just got back from a screening of The Peaceful Warrior, based on the book by Daniel Millman written over 20 years ago. The film is really outstanding. I recommend that everyone go see it…and tell your friends about it. The sad reality is, movies like this will struggle to stay in the theaters more than one or two weekends. Despite the power and impact of the film, mass market appeal and $$$$ are what the big theater’s are looking for. Hopefully with a strong opening week, the film will be around for more folks to check out. Go see it this weekend! Tell your friends! Take your dogs and cats! Blog about it!
Now on to what I think about it :)

The film, produced by Lionsgate, stars Nick Nolte, Amy Smart and Scott Mechlowicz and is a very well made and powerful movie. The thesis of the film is that “there are no oridinary moments,” and is based on Millman’s own autiobiography woven into a narrative. The storyline follows a Cal Berkley gymnast in his quest to become the best, and the unlikley “teacher” (played by Nick Nolte) that ends up showing him the true way to fullment and happiness.

(picture of Nick Nolte as “Socrates” the gas station….I mean “service agent.” You’ll know what I mean once you see the film.)


The movie is no different to the Yoda/Luke, Mr. Miyagi/Ralph duos we have seen in movies before, but the Peaceful Warrior is able to drive home the message effectively, yet without the pomp and show of an intergallactic battle or predictable david vs goliath sparring matches. Nick Nolte was absolutely perfect in this role. It is great to see him take on this lower-budget independent film. The script was well written, and while I can’t say there were any plot twists I couldn’t forsee, the film was done in a way where you really didn’t care.

Following the film (I saw the showing in a small theater in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, WA); there was a videoconference live with 7 other sites. In Seattle, a few of the producers were present to take questions. In the remote locations: Dan Millman, all the cast members and many special guests were on hand to comment and discuss their favorite parts of the movie.

Perhaps my biggest suprise was seeing a videoconference feed of Tony Robbins live from Fiji! Tony was a major influence to one of the producers of the film, is a big fan Dan Millman’s writings, and was a big supporter of the film itself. Tony spoke a few words about the movie, and the key messages he hopes we all take away. In a nutshell his guindance was that our lives tend to focus around two things: 1) Achievement and 2) Fulfillment. Achievement is something we are good at, but Fulfillment is something that we often overlook. Achievement is about accomplishing a given end-result. Winning a gold-medal for example. Fulfillment is more of an art, it is about the process of change. It is about making progress. Tony made the point that we are always in one of two states as a human being…progressing or dying…and it is progress that gives us the juice to get excited and achieve great things…while feeling fulfilled. Fulfillment and Progress….Tony’s words of wisdom!

(multi-site videocast with Tony’s oversized head on the big screen!!!)


Of course, the rest of the cast had some great things to say about the film. Lavar Burton was in one of the remote sites and read a few questions and comments about the movie. I got quite the kick out of that…a totaly throwback to Reading Rainbow!

(one of the producers of the film taking questions in Seattle)


So I totally recommend seeing the movie. But be warned…you will actually be thinking about it hours after leaving the movie, so if you are looking to zone out…go catch MI3 and if you are looking to take a nap, go see The DaVinci Code.


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