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Seattle Experiment: Check-In

May 12 Check-In

I’ve been following a HIT <high intensity training> training protocol for the past 12 days. The routine, as mentioned on Tim Ferriss’s blog and outlined in The Colorado Experiment, calls for training less frequently, using very slow reps whereby you reach muscular failure in a single set.

The training sessions actually FEEL really good. I’ve only had three workouts so far, and have increased my weights in each one. So far so good. We’ll if this trend keeps up.

I’ve been training once every four days. On my days off I haven’t been doing too much else. I get in 3-4 miles a day walking (to from bus stop and around our campus at work). I’ve also gone for 2 runs (<3miles in length each) and done a few sessions of Yoga.

Basically, I’ve been eating a LOT and resting.

Amazingly, even with all the eating, I’m not <yet> putting on weight. Bodyfat % is also staying pretty constant. I’m currently around 15%. Which is MUCH HIGHER than I would like <my all time low was 5%, just after Ironman Couer D Alene in 2003>, but I am not worrying about that right now. Priority #1 is gaining muscle mass and strength.

OK, now time to go eat again.

Update 1: The Mission

Update 2: Day 1


    • YogiRavi says:

      I saw good gains but it was tough to keep up with the routine without a training partner…and I didn’t enjoy training in this way as much as just doing other exercises and more endurance focused stuff. Give it a shot and see for yourself!

  1. S says:

    Hey man, props for trying out this workout. What happened at the end? I found your link thru Tim’s site. I’m interested to know.


  2. Charlie says:


    So what happened????

    I’ll guess you didn’t gain 34lbs of muscle.

    Ferriss is a huckster. If he lived in the 1850’s he would have sold snake oil (and made a killing). The experiment he was running (which he claimed was for muscle development) was ACTUALLY an experiment to see how many suckers he could convince that he gained 34 POUNDS of muscle by working out for 4 hours over 4 weeks. I mean it’s absolutely ludicrous on it’s face. (For reference I was a personal trainer at Gold’s gym in San Diego for 3 years during college. The only people who gets gains like this are on the juice AND working out a LOT.) But, that is the “business” he’s in, suckering people into believing the most outrageous claims.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing well. And you are a bit more sceptical (wise) now.


  3. Anth says:

    So Ravi, do you only do those specific exercises each time? Or do you have two different work out schedules for each day.

    Also, for the four day rest thing. Does that mean doing something like working out Monday and Friday, or Monday and Saturday? Either way, do you repeat those two days or keep on adding 4 days of rest? ie Monday, Saturday, Thursday, Tuesday etc.

    Thanks!! Keep us updated

  4. Hey Ravi,

    I really admire your site and your altruism. I have book marked it and plan on keeping up with you. Do you have a personal email or any way to touch base with you?

    anyways, thankyou for being so giving in your thoughts and helping others. You’re pages are helping me, especialy on diet and living healthier.

    Best wishes

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