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Staying Power

What gives some people the capacity to reach great heights and stay there? Folks in the limelight are not always the most talented, connected or resourceful people. Look to artists and this is definitely true.

I was at a book reading with Neil Strauss a couple of days ago. His latest book, Everybody Loves You When You Are Dead, is a compilation of interviews he has done with dozens of artists and musicians during his tenure as a writer for Rolling Stone and co-author of numerous biographies.

He is an expert at getting to the heart of an interview…not asking fluff questions but really asking questions that help you understand what people are really like; insecurities, idiosyncrasies and all.

One thing he shared was that in all his interviews he’s come away with a defining characteristic that separates those that are successful long-term or those that are not. Those that are long-term successes believe that they were destined for the position they were in. It was as if they believed that God, fate and all the mysterious forces in the universe were aligning to assure them of their path. That they were truly the chosen ones. That they should not be guilty for what they have or aspire to have because that is their path.

On the flip side, those artists whose careers never took off or fizzled out early felt that they didn’t really deserve their social standing, and along with this came guilt and fear of losing what they had.

Whether you believe in a greater power or not, I think it makes sense to assume that you deserve to be successful and all the good things that come with it.

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