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Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Book Review

Three words come to mind when recalling the life of Steve as described in his authorized biography:


He was a deeply disturbed individual. Seemingly incapable of showing remorse or sensitivity to others feelings. He was also incredibly driven to create and achieve things that lived up to his ideal vision of how the world ought to be.

This book is a remarkable read. I had no idea Steve was so influenced by his explorations in Indian and Zen Buddhist training. I did know that he was vegan for a time, but was surprised by how much of his life was impacted by his dietary tendencies.

I was also amazed by how emotional a person he was, apt to break into tears when things didn’t go his way. He was a master of harnessing his emotions to create change.

I was also given a glimpse into how he built his company. His relentless focus on doing a few things exceptionally well. His commitment to building a team of only A players (since A players don’t like working with Bs and Cs). Most importantly, his belief in taking responsibility for all aspects of the product experience. From retail to packaging to the chips running Apple device, he demanded control over everything to ensure that customers got something remarkable (or at least his definition of remarkable!).

The most impressive thing to me was how he kept focus on the company even through his painful battles with cancer. His dedication to his vision of the future was unwavering. Most humans would have passed the torch well before he did. He was driven by far more than money or fame.

If you are even remotely interested in technology, and especially if you use Apple products, it’s worth reading this inside look at what made Steve tick.


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