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Stretch Yourself

I stretch everyday, in some way shape or form. I practice yoga or just do a few stretches to move my physical body and get the blood flowing. Stretching isn’t just about flexibility, it also makes you strong.

When you lengthen your muscles you increase the amount of blood that can flow through your tissues, which helps your cells cleanse and fill up with nutrients. The more nutrition you can provide your cells, the stronger and healthier you will become. So yes, stretching can and does make you stronger!

I also stretch myself in other ways every day. I stretch myself at work by taking on challenging projects. I also stretch myself at work and home to use my own creativity to solve hard problems. I stretch myself to motivate others and improve my own levels of health and wellness. I stretch myself to teach more uplifting yoga classes. I stretch myself to just blog more often 🙂 .

How did you stretch yourself today? Before you answer…..get down on the floor, sit with your legs together and straight out in front of you and just fold forward in a relaxed forward bend. Don’t try to touch your toes, just fold over your legs and surrender to gravity and hold the pose for a few minutes. Releax your head down toward your legs too.

OK, once you get in the pose, now ask yourself the question…how did you stretch yourself today? If you don’t feel completely satisfied with your answer, what are you going to do differently tomorrow to give your self a  more inspiring answer?

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  1. Patrick says:

    There are many experts that say stretching may have a negative effect if any at all where running is concerned. Even in Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run, the best natural long distance runners in the world don’t even have any form of stretching activity.

    I used to stretch at least twice a day, primarily before and after a run but also on days I didn’t run and still had running injuries (shin splints and calf problems). I stopped stretching (or at least a stretching regimen) completely now and have no problems. I think the best note on stretching is just to keep yourself loose. If you feel like you’re getting stiff, move it around. Trying to push your body into unnatural stretching positions just leaves those muscles more prone to injury.

    I think the more appropriate term for stretching should be loosening up.

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