Unlocking Creativity

A poster hanging up in my building at work. Good advice!

Humans are innately creative. The problem is that most people do not discover the context in which they are creative.

If you spent a lifetime as an accountant you might not discover a deep talent for the guitar and music unless you stumbled upon it at a young age and kept at it.

Our current education systems do not make it easy to explore the full range of one’s abilities and interests…and find that place where creativity runs deep. Perhaps this is why some of the most successful people I have ever met didn’t do particularly well at school, they were bored and sought to apply there energy elsewhere. Many businesses are even worse.

It’s also incredibly easy to be “typed” early in your career.

If you are seen as a financial or “numbers” type, it can be very difficult to re-brand yourself as a “creative” type. Some teams and companies are good about moving people into different functions and giving people varied projects (I think Microsoft excels at this).  This is not normal though.

The onus really is on the individual to explore with purpose and try new things. Take up new sports regularly. Learn new skills. Take advantage of electives at school and really take them seriously. Try different projects at work….and occasionally make a job change on purpose.

You never know where you might strike a creative vein.