How to Make a Dietary Change

The biggest insight I’ve ever had in making a dietary shift, is to not focus on what you are taking away (e.g. fried food, processed sugar, etc.) but instead to focus on what you are adding (e.g. more water, fresh fruits, greens, etc.).

Focus intently on what good things (or habits) you are adding and then you will find that the bad things will naturally have less room to fit in and you’ll lose appetite for them over time.

My afternoon snack a work yesterday, an MASSIVE organic nectarine from a family farm in eastern Washington. I get a weekly delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from this farm and the quality is incredible

Consistency is Underrated

Small changes made consistently can transform your life.

We tend to think in terms of big things. Big breaks at works, losing massive amounts of weight, gaining a lot of strength, making a lot of money – we are great at thinking big and stretching ourselves to do a lot to get a lot in a short period of time. Unfortunately, consistency is often underrated.

We forget that sometimes making just incremental improvements on a regular basis will result in utter and  complete transformation of our current situation. For example:

Many people want to want to be a millionaire, and will spend a lot of time thinking about ways to get rich quick, but few will setup up a regular direct investment program that puts some percentage (however small!) of their paycheck into a savings account.

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