The Value of Friendship

I just got back from a special dinner with  a few friends. It got me thinking about the value of friendship.

If there is one truth in this world, it is that we are not alone. In fact, no matter how much we might want to go our own way and do our own thing, we can’t really do anything worth doing without the support of others. The value of friendship is that it is through our friends that we are able to really create achieve things that are bigger than ourself.

Friends provide a sounding board for good ideas, and help you to see bad ideas for what they are. They provide a nurturing environment for the good within you, and help you to externalize those qualities in a way than help you serve the world in a bigger way. Friends aren’t afraid to call you out on the carpet when you aren’t being your true self, and they can help you to see the humor in situations that might otherwise seem incredibly serious.

Friendship is priceless. You can never understate the importance of a close circle of friends. Like anything worth having, there is some effort involved on your part to build and nurture this circle of friends. But rest assured, just like an oak tree stands tall and strong with little care once it grows from a seedling to a young tree, so to will friendships stand strong once they are cultivated. They are worth every minute of time, second of attention and ounce of energy you can give .

Who Will You Become?

Think about the five people you spend the most time with right now. That is what you will become. Your personal and professional achievements and attitudes will be shaped by these five people. Choose wisely.

If you spend your time hanging around people who have a poor work ethic, no goals and a “woe is me” attitude, that is what you will inherit. If you spend your days with people who make excuses why things aren’t going their way. Why luck never shines on them. Why life is so hard. Why success is so fleeting and had to grasp. That is what will come your way.

On the flip side, if you spend your time with people who have a positive outlook, work hard and carry a mind-set that their future is the result of their actions and intentions; that is what you will inherit. You will see that excuses are the easy way out and stop making then. You will see that luck frequents the prepared not the lucky. You will find that even in hardship there is beauty and learning to be had. You will see that success shines on everyone, you just have to be still enough to notice. You will find all this and more coming your way.

Friends are hard to find. Good friends even harder. Think about who you spend your time with. Are their attitudes and intentions in line with how you want to live your life? If not, you owe it to yourself to keep looking.