Don’t Manage Your Time Manage Your Energy

Managing your energy is far more important than just managing your time.

Keep a log of how you feel during the day based on your energy level.

Over time see how hydration, nutrition, sleep, training and work schedules impact your energy.

Then, make adjustments to maximize your overall energy level, and make sure that your key activities during the day are aligned during the times when you have the most energy to give.

For example, I know that hydration has a HUGE impact on my energy level. I also know I tend to have the most energy between 9-Noon. After noon (and until 3-4pm or so), I’m essentially useless 🙂 . Later in the evening, I get a second wind around 9-10pm but if I take advantage of that I will pay the price by feeling awful the next day.

Knowing this I focus on getting creative tasks at work done in the morning before lunch, and do my training in the evening around 5-7pm. I carry a water bottle with me and hydrate constantly during the day – especially when teaching lots of yoga or training more in hot weather.

I don’t believe that it is necessary or even possible to feel awesome ALL of the time. Instead, strive to do your best to feel good MOST of the time, and focus on making use of that productive time to do something worthwhile.

A typical lunch during the week, a super large salad with grilled tofu and peanuts at the cafe at work. Yes, we have an awesome cafe!


Everything is connected. The question is can you ‘see’ the connection.

Not just with your eyes….but all five senses and then some.

Do your own thoughts impact how the world shows up for you?

Do your own actions have undeniable impact of everyone and everything around you?

Do your own emotions impact the emotions of others both near and far?

Of course this is the way of the world. You don’t have to believe me. Science shows us that we are connected not just with each other, but across space and across time.

There are certain moments when the interconnectedness becomes obvious. During a meditation, while hiking though nature, snowboarding on fresh powder, water skiing across a still lake, relaxing with people you care about, even the final moments of an Ironman!

The real trick is to bring this awareness into other aspects of life. During a challenging work meeting. While having an argument with a family member. While getting pulled over by a traffic cop. Waiting for a delayed flight to take off. While doing laundry. While staring at a sink full of dishes after a long day of work.

There’s a great saying that ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” It is true. Seeing the connection between all things will fundamentally change how you relate and react everything in this world.

You stop being at the effect of the world and instead become ‘at cause’ for what happens. Everything that shows up in your world will seem to be a manifestation of who you are and how you are showing up.

The view from a remote mountain cabin at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado; where I spent 5 days alone in deep meditation a few years ago. No food, no TV, no internet, no reading, no writing, no talking. Just fresh water, fresh air, an amazing view and my own self.

The Truth About a 4-Hour Body

By now the internet has been set on fire by Tim Ferris‘s media blitz in promotion of his newest book, The 4-Hour Body. I’ve already ordered it and looking forward to learning some new “hacks” to increase my fitness and health.

Just like Tim’s last book, The Four Hour Workweek, the title of the new book implies peak results in little time. This is misleading. Even Tim is clear that the goal is not to just work for a few hours and sit around being bored. The point is to spend less time needing to do stuff and more time doing what you are passionate about.

In the same way, I am expecting The 4-Hour Body to provide great time efficient tips for growing strength and endurance, but the point won’t be to spend the other 164 hours of the week slouching around, sleeping and eating potato chips. The point is to integrate it into a lifestyle that is more active and physically aware. In other words, a 4-Hour Body style approach to fitness will give you the tools and motivation you need to make caring about physical well-being a natural and desired thing and not some tax you have to pay.

I also think that in the midst of all the hype around getting massive results quickly, we can jump to the conclusion that real effort and hard work is not required. This is a big mistake. Even if you only train for 4-Hours a month or 4-Hours a week, the level of intensity (I’m talking about physical and mental focus) needs to great. This is evident in Tim’s “Geek to Freak” experiment, which I also tried a few years ago.

If you are going to be in the gym for a few minutes a day and expect massive results, the intensity will need to be incredibly high. If you are going to go from 5K to 50K run in a few months (I just did this!), you need to be very diligent in how you train and focused in getting proper rest and having tons of mental strength to push through discomfort on race day.

This is the truth about a 4-Hour Body. It will take massive focus and lots of effort, though perhaps not a ton of time. The point is NOT to assume that less time and more efficiency = easy results!


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I’m heading tomorrow to XC Ski camp in the Methow Valley in Washington State. Should be a few fun days of snow-time and endurance training! I then fly to Ecuador for 10+ days exploring Quito, the surrounding highlands, maybe the rainforest and then on to the Galapagos Islands for a 6 days boat tour! I’ll drop a few updates to my blog if I find an internet cafe while traveling.

Assume you can

If you are trying something new, exciting and challenging – there are a couple mindsets you could begin with:

  1. Option 1: Assume you can’t do it.
  2. Option 2: Assume you can do it.

I prefer option 2 every time. You can enjoy the journey that way. If you don’t belief you can – who else will? Option 1 just sucks. If you don’t think you can, why try? You might as well assume success and then your brain will align its resources in a manner that supports your goal.

There is science backing this up. There is a portion of your brain whose purpose is to filter out the millions of bits of information you are taking in every day – to get rid of the things that aren’t necessary for your survival and success. It’s called the reticular activating system. It’s a goal seeker center of your brain. It sits at the base of your brain and literally is the gate-keeper between signals from the outside world and signals transmitted internally in your body. It works as a totally sub-conscious function. If you don’t think something is possible you’ll be missing out on those things that might be under your nose and helpful in your quest – but outside of your conscious awareness. Like those missing car keys that were in your pocket the whole time.

Tony Robbins Health Mastery Tips

The other day I came across some notes from from a few Tony Robbins programs I attended. As we emerge from the holiday’s and the overeating that typically goes along with it, these will come in handy to help us get back on track.

Tony Robbins Health Mastery Tips: Eight Key Principles for Maximum Nourishment

  1. Break your fast every morning with green vegetables, green juices, non-acid producing, low-sugar fruits and fruit juices or light alkalizing foods only
  2. Properly combine your foods for maximum health. Eat one concentrated food in a meal and do not combine carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal
  3. Eat comfortable amounts of food to maximize energy and nutrition
  4. Consume quality oils (Udo’s oil, flax, primrose and olive oil)
  5. Do not eat when you are stressed or tired
  6. Do not drink water during meals (dilutes the digestive fire)
  7. Eat organic food whenever possible
  8. Do not eat condensed foods, especially animal proteins, immediately before going to bed

Other important tips….

  • Consume 70% from water-rich foods (raw-living foods) – have a salad with every meal!
  • Avoid animal flesh – it’s highly acid-producing
  • Avoid dairy – it’s highly acid producing
  • Eliminate acid-addictions (caffeine, sugar, salt, nicotine, alcohol)
  • Eliminate processed fats

Take The 10 Day Challenge!

Try the above for 10 days and see how you feel. Make it a 10 day challenge to your own health and wellness. Ask a buddy to join you! Leave a comment and let me know how it goes.

Take Your Health To The Next Level

(Dr. T video on Chronic Fatigue)

I’ve spent far too many hours this weekend pouring over content by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren on YouTube through his Dr. T in 3 series, his free tele-seminars available on The Truth About Your Food and his website, (a clever take on Ecological and Metropolitan).

The Dr.T in 3 features quick 3-minute commentaries on various aspects of health and nutrition – offering fresh and no-nonsense perspectives on everything from the impact of dairy products on health to why so many people are facing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and what to do about it!).

The tele-seminars on The Truth About Your Food are very in-depth (most are over an hour long) and are absolutely packed with some amazing information, including recorded Q&A.

Continue reading Take Your Health To The Next Level

Lessons in Life From America’s Next President

I’m usually not a big fan of Men’s Health magazine, but this month there is a great article full of life lessons from inspiring people

Lance Armstrong, Michael Pollan (author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma) and even Barack Obama are featured! The more I read about Barack the more I like him and look forward to the change he is bound to bring to this country and the world. You can check out the portion of the article about Barack here, based on an interview he did back in August.

The article also has a link to download (for $5) a pdf with more content from the interview including lessons about leadership, health and parenting. I haven’t checked out this download yet…if you have, leave a comment and let me know how it is!

Energize Yourself With An Alkaline Diet Plan

Do you need a cup of coffee in the morning to get yourself out of bed?
Do you find yourself craving food at odd times of day?

Does your energy seem to be waning with every passing month or year?

It’s time to take action!

Revitalize yourself and feel more energetic than ever by alkalizing your body. It is easy to do, doesn’t require any radical change to your diet, and will have a more profound affect on your well-being than any standard “diet” could ever have.

The acid-alkaline balance is a critical piece of your body’s chemistry

The human body is a very finely tuned machine. It is highly adaptable, to new environments and situations, but only when it’s internal environment is in balance. For example, the human body operates effectively when it is held at an internal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 104 degrees, or below 97 degrees, and you will experience some significant problems. Your body is even more sensitive to acidic conditions, than it is to temperature.

The blood in your body, which makes up about 8% of its total weight, is a key regulator and indicator of your overall health. The blood is the medium through which oxygen and other nutrients are delivered to each and every cell in your body. In order for the blood to do its job effectively, it needs to be maintained in a very specific pH range. Specifically, a pH of 7.36-7.44; which is slightly alkaline. Even a minor deviation from this small range can be DEADLY.

You may remember from junior high science class that pH (and alkalinity) is measured on a 14 point scale, from 0 to 14; where a low score is extremely acid ic (e.g. hydrochloric acid) and a high score is extremely alkaline. Pure water is neural, with a score of seven. You’ve heard about acid rain and environmental conditions that are causing death of all life in many of our world’s great waterways. Now imagine the same thing happening to the waterways inside your body, i.e. your bloodsteam. It isn’t a pretty story, but there is something you can do to fix it, RIGHT NOW.

The foods you eat have a major impact on your body’s acid-alkaline balance. Digestion of processed foods, for example, will create acidic byproducts that flow into the bloodstream. The more processed foods (sugars, refined carbohydrates, etc.) you eat, the more acid-byproducts will be created and the more acidic your bloodstream will become.

In fact, it is not just processed foods that are acid-forming. Many animal products (e.g. high protein foods) starches and grains are also acid forming. Nitrogen, a byproduct of protein digestion, is acidic. Caffeine is also highly acid-forming.

On the contrary, fresh vegetables and fruits (especially citrus fruits like lemon) are highly alkalizing to the body. The most alkaline foods are leafy green vegetables (wheat grass, spinach, kale, etc.).

How do you know if your body is acidic or alkaline? You can test yourself by measuring the pH of your urine or saliva (less accurate) using pH strips from any pharmacy. The most accurate method is to test the blood. Most clinics that do blood-work should be able to do this for you. Of course, there is an even easier way to know if your body is alkaline. Just think about your diet. Are you consuming a lot of caffeine or alchohol? How about meat? How about breads, pasta or other starches? If so, youre body is probably struggling to keep itself in an alkaline state. The impact on your overwell wellness is too great to ignore.

The impact of an out-of-balance body (too acidic usually) can be devastating

As I said before, the human body is highly adaptable. A mildly acidic condition for a short period of time will not have a big affect on your body. However, most people have extremely poor diets and highly stressful lives, which leads to chronically acidic conditions. This can be devastating to your body and overall well-being. Some of the negative affects include:

  • bloating and water retention
  • acne and other skin conditions
  • weak hair or nails
  • trouble maintaining weight
  • trouble losing weight
  • joint pain
  • headaches
  • irritability
  • cramps
  • indigestion
  • frequent colds
  • allergies

Weight gain and/or loss are some of the more apparent conditions. Are you having trouble losing those final 10 pounds? Or are you having trouble gaining lean muscle mass? Your body might be in a chronically acidic state.

Bloating!When the body is in a acidic state, it will do whatever it takes to protect itself. For some people, this means retaining water and fat close to the body organs to protect them from the acid. For others, this means flushing the body of water and excess weight to “purge” itself. If you are underweight or overweight, you could have an acidic condition in your body.

Furthermore, in acidic body environments, pathogens such as yeasts and bacteria will thrive in your digestive tracks. In fact, research has even shown that cancer cells thrive in acidic environments, but perish in alkaline environments. As these pathogens thrive in your body, they will steal away the precious nutrients and energy that should be going to your body! If you wonder why all the food you eat doesn’t seem to give you energy, here is your answer!

The body was created to hold a slightly alkaline state for a reason. It is in this state that it is highly disease resistant, capable of repairing itself and energetic. Luckily, you can take a few easy steps today to start the healing process.

Take action! Alkalize your body today with an Alkaline Diet Plan!

Alkalizing your body does not have to take a radical change to your eating habits. The most important thing is that you take steps to add highly alkaline foods into your diet. GREEN VEGETABLES are the most highly alkaline foods on the planet. If you are going to have a steak for dinner (which is a highly acid-forming food) be sure to at least start off your meal with a big salad (with no cheese and light dressing), and have some steamed or fresh veggies as a side-dish instead of the baked potato (also acid-forming). This will help your body to counter-act the acidic byproducts with healthy alkaline byproducts.

Another tip is to supercharge your body with an ALKALIZING DRINK.

LemonsAfter a long night’s sleep, your body is often dehydrated and craving nutrients. Drinking some water with fresh-squeezed LEMON JUICE is highly alkalizing and nourishing for the body. In fact, you can get lemons anywhere: in a bar, restaurant or even at work. Just chop one up and create a highly alkalizing beverage. I often take fresh lemon water in the afternoon at work when my co-workers are running for a Starbucks. In fact, I’ve cut coffee completely out of my diet. I’ve found that once my body has detoxified from all the garbage I was putting in it, my need for caffeine has gone down a lot. This is not only healthier, but easier on your pocket-book than a twice daily latte habit!

WheatgrassAnother way to super-charge your body, is to buy a GREENS POWEDER. There are many varieties out there, and most have dried greens from many sources, phytonutrients and lots of vitamins. You just stir a spoonful with some water or juice and you’re ready to go. I take 1-2 servings of a green drink every single day. In fact, I start off my day with one. I prefer to drink mine (I like the Greens First brand) on an empty stomach, about 1 hour before eating breakfast, right after waking up. Energise for life has a lot more information on produdcts for alklaine diets or general wellness. They also have a great blog with tips for getting and staying really healthy.

Lastly, if you are an athlete, you may be wondering how to keep the body alkaline while also getting in lots of protein every day. There are alkaline sources of protein, including tofu and lenils, certain nuts like almonds and brazil nuts and certain grains like Quinoa and Spelt. There are also some very good whole food supplements that are very high in protein. Personally, I take 1-2 servings of Vega every day. It tastes great, is highly alkalizing and is very high in protein (25 grams per 300 calorie serving).

In the end, I hope this article has peaked your interest in cleaning up your diet and really paying attention to what your body needs. Make a few small additions or changes to your diet to make it more alkaline, and you are bound to see some incredible changes over the long term.