Weekly Training: Jan 31-6, 2011

Light week of training. Felt pretty drained during the week, mostly due to work and a variety of other things going on (including getting LASIK eye surgery!). Good news is my legs feel pretty fresh and besides the bottom of my feet feeling pretty sore after runs, I am in great shape and injury free.

Monday, Jan 31. Kettlebells (:6:00) followed by short easy run (:12:00)

4 sets kettlebell swings total. 12 swings @ 16kg. 3 x 12 swings @ 24 kg.  90 seconds to complete each set.
Put on shoes and then went directly for a run around a park to test out my new Inov-8 Roclite 295 shoes. The shoes feel really good. I’m planning to use these during the Copper Canyon Ultra run next month.

Tuesday, Feb 1. Day off.

No good reason for a day off. Just got busy, woke up late, tons of work and then got to go downtown to hear Jean-Michelle Cousteau talk about the oceans, how in danger they are and his family adventures over the years (Jacque is his dad!).

Wednesday, Feb 2. Track workout (:50:00)

Ran with Eastside Runners “Group #6.” 800 warm up then 1600, 1200, 1000, 800 with an 800 jog in between each. Finished with 800 easy. I hit the pre-determined pace times for group 6 pretty much dead-on. What is funny is that I almost bailed on the run, I felt so tired at the start. After the first 1600 I was then going to stop running, but decided to keep at it. I then felt awesome and finished the workout super strong. Goes to show that a few fast laps around the track can cure a lot of problems! My splits roughly:

1600 = 6:08
1200 = 4:31
1000 = Can’t remember…pretty much the same pace as my 1200 though
800 = 2:55 roughly

Thursday, Feb 3. Kettlebells (:8:00)

5 sets of 20 swings with 53lb bell. Took roughly 90 seconds between sets.

Friday, Feb 4. Easy run (:22:00)

Easy run around Medina.

Saturday, Feb 5. Easy run and running clinic with Barefoot Ted (:25:00)

Ran in Vibram Bikila‘s. A few laps around a soft dirt track.

Sunday, Feb 6. Easy trail run (:80:00) in the afternoon and Yoga (:60:00) in the evening.

Nice and easy (wet and muddy!) fun run at Bridle Trails park with Alison. Practiced using my Amphipod waist pack and bottles with Hammergel flask. The Amphipod is so much better than a Fueltbelt. Also ran in my Inov-8 Roclite 295’s and they did incredibly well on the soft, wet and super muddy trails. Yoga was a solid hour of power vinyasa with Dora, with lots of handstands and other fun stuff.

Total training time  = 4:26:00


Excited for Copper Canyon. Also starting to realize that Ironman CDA is coming up faster than ever. I gotta get on the bike! For now…it’s time to eat.

Weekly Training: Jan 17-23, 2011

This week my training featured more high intensity and cross-training work than I originally planned. I also didn’t get in any long-ish runs. Not a huge deal. Next week I’ll get in my last big long run before Copper Canyon. My legs feel great and a little nagging hip and knee issue on my left side is being kept at bay right now. Taking a couple weeks totally off running during the holiday was just what I needed.

Monday, Jan 17. Running intervals :36.55 (4.6 miles) + 20 KB swings a few hours later.

Warm up, then 6 x 2 minute hard efforts with 2 minutes easy recovery between each followed by warm down.  Ran around Medina neighborhood on flat/rolling paved roads.

A few hours later did 20 kettlebell swings with a 53 pounder.

Tuesday, Jan 18. Running intervals :25:00 (3 miles) + Crossfit workout 30 min later.

Ran around Greenlake at a good clip, with 4 x 100 meter all out sprints. About 30 minutes later did first class in intro series for Crossfit! Did drills and warm up, then did workout for time: 4 sets of 5 burpees, 7 air squats, 9 sit ups, 200 meter run. My total time = 7:33 ….came in first out of the group! Including warm up and warm down the class took only 30 minutes.

Wednesday, Jan 19. Track workout tempo run :31:00 (4.25 miles).

1/2 mile warm up, 3 mile tempo run, 3/4 mile warm down with Eastside Runners. Ran with group #7. Goal time was 20:33 and we finished in 20:13. First 2 miles were right on pace in 6:51 and sped up the last 800 meters. Felt very strong today.

Thursday, Jan 20th. Running easy intervals :25:00 (3 miles) + Crossfit workout 30 min later.

Ran around Greenlake at an easy pace with 4 x 50 meter all out sprints throughout. Crossfit included warm up and then timed 12 minute workout for max rounds of: 3 ring dips (using bands if needed), 5 high box jumps, 7 push press overhead with 45lbs. I did 10 sets….highest were a couple who did 11…I could have done that many but took my time moving between exercises 🙂 .

Friday, Jan 21st. Kettlebell swings :9:00.

3 sets of 20 swings with 53lb. 2-3 minutes rest between each.

Saturday, Jan 22nd. Crossfit + Easy Running :11:00 (1.25 miles) later in the day.

Warm ups then main set =  21/15/9 of  wall ball, kettlebell swings with 53lbs, 50 feet lunge walk. My time = 5:54. Fist finishers were just over 5 minutes.  Rest of 5-6 minutes then “Tabata” sit-ups (4 mins). “Tabata” means 20 seconds of all out movement followed by 10 seconds rest, done 8 times. You score tabatas based on the minimum number of reps you complete across all the 20 second intervals. My score = 8 for the tabata situps given then I completed only 8 reps during a few of the 20 second all-out efforts. The highest score in the class was 12. We finished with 5-6 minutes stretching.

Easy 11 minute run to test out a new pair of shoes…the Inov-8 Roclite 295’s. They were too small 🙁 .

Sunday, Jan 23rd.Easy Run :42:26 (4.75 miles). 5 pull ups.

Easy loop around Medina. Tested out some new gear, the Amphipod hydration belt. I love this thing! Took a while to get used to releasing the bottles from the holders, but it’s very well designed and usable with just one hand, whereas my FuelBelt requires two hands to return bottles to the holders.

Total weekly training time = 4:26:41.(~21 miles running)

Weekly Training: Jan 10-16, 2011

Now that the training season has begun, I’m going to share my weekly logs with you. If you care less about what kind of training I do, just skip these posts :). I know some of you are also training for running, cycling, triathlons or other events…and might be interested in knowing what I am up to. Here’s this week in review.

Monday Jan 10. Rest day.

Taught 2 yoga classes. Some light stretching was about all I did, in addition to tons of hands-on assists during class (as usual). Felt like crap so didn’t push it.

Tuesday Jan 11. Kettlebells. Time = :17:08.

10 sets of 20 swings (16Kg bell) with 1 minute rest between sets.  Still felt like crap, was wiped out after the swings.

Wednesday Jan 12. Eastside Runner’s Track workout, 4×1200’s! Time = :45:00

800 warm up. 4 x 1200’s in ~4:42 each w/ 400 jog between each, 800 warm down. Hit each interval right on time. Felt great. Ran with “group 7” which is people running a 19-20 minute 5K pace right now.  Almost didn’t go to the run since I felt pretty sick and my head hurt like crazy. Stuck it out and felt better after the first few 1200’s. Amazing what a few hard turns around a track will do!

Thursday Jan 13. Rowing Tabata. :15:00.

Concept 2 Indoor Rower “Tabata” style. 6 minute warm up, 8 x 20 all out sprints with 10 seconds rest between each, 5 minute warm down.

Friday Jan 14. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Level 2-3, 1:30:00.

First yoga practice in several weeks. Plenty of inversions and arm balances. Starting to feel close to normal again and shaking off this cold.

Saturday Jan 15. Cougar Mt. Trail Running and Hill Repeats. 1:04:00.

Went running with Alison. She’s quick for having not run very much! Did 1 pretty quick lap of my usual 4.3 mile loop (lots of hills), followed by 4 hill repeats up the main hill at Red Town Trailhead. Each repeat was ~85 seconds and all out, followed by a slow jog back down the hill. Felt pretty good but my shoes were definitely not suited to the wet and muddy trail.

I love the Brooks Green Silence for road runs (super light!) but they have zero traction on wet rocks and trails and my heels slides around too much for tight trail cornering. I just bought a pair of Inov-8 F-Lite 195’s from the new Born to Run store in Bellevue. Super minimal shoes with more aggressive tread and far more snug in the heel. Will give them a shot for my next trail run. They felt awesome walking around town in them today.

Sunday Jan 16. AM: Heavy Deadlifts and Bench Press (:30:00). PM: Kettlebells and Easy Run (:40:00).

AM: Deadlift 3 sets x 3 reps with 135, 135, 185lbs. 3 mins rest between sets. Bench Press 3 sets x 3 reps with 135 lbs. 3 mins rest between sets. When I lift heavy I take a TON of rest between sets. The idea is to fully let the muscles recharge. I have zero desire to get cardiovascular benefit from strength training. It is all about raw strength/power.

PM: Kettlebells = 3 x 12 swings with my brand new 53-pound bell! 1 minute between sets (time = <4 minutes). Immediately headed out for easy run (:21:20).

Total Training Time = 4:46:29. (Running = :2:10:12)

This week was pretty undisciplined in terms of training. My total training volume was low, and while I had some good intensity in the workouts, I was sick from my recent trips to Ecuador and Vegas. Decided to lay low a few days and get back to 100%. I have less than 7 weeks until the Copper Canyon 50 Mile Ultramarathon….which means 1-2 more long runs (over 20 miles / 3 hours). As long as I nail those, I’ll be a happy camper.


In other news, I’m using Trainingpeaks to track my workouts. My Moleskine has served itself well. Time for an upgrade!

New Kettlebell @ 53lbs

Image via Wikipedia

I just got a brand new 53-pound kettlebell to join my 32-pounder. The 32 was getting light. Great for higher reps but now is a good time to upgrade. I ordered through a Dragon Door wholesaler, Kettlebility in Seattle, to spare myself crazy-high shipping costs.

A video of the unveiling:


This morning I did a trail run at Cougar Mountain, about 4.5 miles at a good clip and then 4 fast repeats up a hill (each repeat was 85 seconds). Nice workout given I haven’t been feeling so hot this week after my return from the insanity that is CES.

Also, I got a copy of Pavel’s book “Power to the People” along with my kettlebell. I almost finished it in one sitting! So much good stuff in there. Can’t wait to start dead-lifting again. I always thought squats were more effective and safer, but Pavel thinks differently.