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Kitchen Sink Rice Stew (Vegan)

I got the idea for this while visiting my sister over the weekend. We decided to make a soup and ended up using whatever was available. It turned out amazingly well! The awesome thing is that it took very little effort to make. In my effort to recreate the soup this evening I did something …

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Raw Food Challenge – Day 11 Update

Today is Day 11 of my Raw Food 30 Day Challenge. I really didn’t expect it to be this easy. I feel absolutely fantastic and have absolutely no detox symptoms to speak of. In fact, this transition from my vegan diet to a 100% raw food diet is easier than my transition from lacto-ovo vegetarian …

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Vegan Dinner

Who says vegan meals can’t be healthy and incredibly tasty? This is one of my dinners from a few weeks ago. My mom and sister were visiting and made this wonderful meal. You’re looking a lightly sauteed kale and rice curry, a shredded carrot – cilantro and seaweed salad, and a pumpkin and coconut soup!

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Vegan Muscle

Those who don’t believe that you can be strong and healthy on a plant-based diet need to take a look at Robert Cheeke. Robert’s a good friend of mine, and is living proof that you can really achieve outstanding physical health as a Vegan.

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