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Take Your Health To The Next Level

(Dr. T video on Chronic Fatigue)

I’ve spent far too many hours this weekend pouring over content by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren on YouTube through his Dr. T in 3 series, his free tele-seminars available on The Truth About Your Food and his website, Ecopolitan.com (a clever take on Ecological and Metropolitan).

The Dr.T in 3 features quick 3-minute commentaries on various aspects of health and nutrition – offering fresh and no-nonsense perspectives on everything from the impact of dairy products on health to why so many people are facing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and what to do about it!).

The tele-seminars on The Truth About Your Food are very in-depth (most are over an hour long) and are absolutely packed with some amazing information, including recorded Q&A.

His insights are delivered in an incredibly clear and fact-based manner and he touches on a wide array of topics relating to health, wellness and longevity. Wow, so refreshing.

What I like most of his approach is that he is not afraid to take on conventional wisdom fed to us through mass media – as well as also de-bunk some common myths that are floating around vegan and raw-food communities. His insights are based on logic and fact, and it is worth your time to listen to a few tele-seminars or his view his YouTube videos.

Below are a few of my favorite Dr. T in 3 Videos: (Note: if you are reading this e-mail in a RSS reader or through e-mail, you won’t see the videos below. Please click this link to view the full post – including the videos!)


Gluten Sensitivity



Kudos: Thanks to the team at We Like It Raw for dishing up great info….I discovered Dr. T through a reference in a post on their site. Check out their site!


  1. Ross says:

    Hey Ravi

    Nice find – I love these videos! Particularly enjoyed the vid on meat – and his definition!

    Have a great weekend mate

  2. Ravi Raman says:

    Thanks for visiting Brian! I’ve seen you many times and taken your class long ago (even tried the float tank years ago!). I need to float again sometime..that was awesome.

  3. Brian Bales says:

    Great job Yogi!!! that is an awesome 3 min. info of videos!!! keep up the great work!
    Peace to all

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