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Tea vs Coffee


I enjoy coffee, I really do. I also like tea and have this feeling that coffee just doesn’t suit me so well. I get very amped up on it, it interrupts my sleep patterns and affects my training and diet.

For the past few weeks I’ve cut back on my coffee habit. I normally drink a cup in the morning….and occasionally another in the afternoon (we get free Starbucks drip coffee at Microsoft so it’s tempting).

Instead of this, I’ve been drinking a ton of tea and Yerba Mate. I don’t care so much about the caffeine content of the tea. I’m more interested in just avoiding the coffee to see what happens. My trip to China last month instigated this. The tea there is incredible and people drink it all day long.

I’ve felt a lot better. I sleep better. I can think more clearly and focus on single tasks for longer periods of time. Coffee makes me a task-monkey, able to get lots of routine things done, but at the cost of creativity. Tea doesn’t have this affect.

I’m also far better hydrated during the day which has a positive impact on my training and diet. The diuretic affect of tea must be less than coffee.

The first week was tough but now I actually am craving tea instead coffee. I prefer loose leaf teas steeped in a French Press.

I don’t know how much of the benefits I can attribute to caffeine differences, as I am consuming a lot of of caffeinated teas. There must be some other stuff in the coffee that doesn’t suit me, or the intensity of the caffeine load in a single cup (compared with having it spread across many cups of tea) has a bad impact.

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  1. Anu says:

    This is a great post on most abused beverages in the world! I do beleive that the theanine in Tea makes a person less anxious and calm and have some kind of a serene mind through out. I have noticed that myself – replacing coffee with tea is uneasy (sudden awareness of not being irritated and hyper can lead to mis-definition of being inert!) however the good side effects of tea are worth it :-). I do need a AM coffee boost on darker colder days of grey Seattle.

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