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Terra Plana barefoot running video

Terra Plana has a great little video showing the difference between a heel-striking running technique and more of a fore/mid-foot technique that happens naturally when one is barefoot or wearing minimalist running shoes. They also have technique drills that you can use to train your body to run more naturally. I use Vibram FiveFingers but am considering trying the Terra Plana varieties for everyday wear.


  1. Armaan says:

    Hey Ravi. Have ever ran completely barefoot? I’ve been doing so for a couple months now. …Now that it’s getting colder out, I need to start looking for some minimal shoes to use, but I’m going to miss the feel of the ground beneath my bare feet. 🙂

    • YogiRavi says:

      No not for any extended period of time. I’ve run in the Vibram’s for over a year – including some long hikes in cold weather (even a little snow!). They are great and would work well even in cold weather – however they lose their traction in the snow. Perhaps the newer version of VFF’s (the trail version) with sturdier tread would work better in snow.

      I worry about glass and other stuff on the roads…even in the grass. I live in a moderately urban environment. If I was running in open fields I would go barefoot more.

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