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The Problem With Success

The problem with success is that we can never have enough or be good enough. Each time we feel successful we just create another minimum bar that we have to cross to feel successful again. Win a baseball game and there is just another game yet to win. Win a business deal and you need to win not one, but two more deals to feel that much more successful. Win a running race and you need to win another, only faster, to feel more accomplished.Get a raise and you need to get another – bigger raise to even more successful.

The problem with success is that we make is so darn hard to feel successful. We create higher and higher hurdles to jump. At some point, it creates more pressure than it is worth. Progress is defined in terms of doing better than others or than how we have done in the past. It is time to throw out the comparisons.

Maybe now is the time to redefine what we mean by success. Instead of defining success by doing more, better, faster, stronger, smarter, longer, etc…how about defining success by simply having to inspire or contribute to others well-being in the process of doing whatever you are doing. How about defining success in terms of simply experiencing¬† joy in the process of doing what you are doing. How about defining success in terms that are fulfilling and sustainable and achievable over the long term?

If you define the rules of your game of life properly, that is to say – in a way that you can actually feel success on a regular basis and feel good in the process, you are bound to experience happiness at a level and consistency that you have never before imagined.

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  1. ultrarunner says:

    I can remember going outside to play, coming back in, and never giving a thought to whether I had been successful in the interim. I wonder when I began to give a thought to that? I’m guessing I learned that bad habit in school. I suppose the cure lies in purposely losing some life competitions, beginning with the trivial, and working up to the trivial (sic).

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