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Top Ten Impressions From My Trip To India

I finally made it to my apartment this afternoon, wrapping up my three-week journey all over the Indian subcontinent. After 36 hours of travelling; one would think that blogging would be the last thing on my mind……but I am on a mission. The mission is to not get jet-lag, that ill-tempered disease of the cross-continent traveller!

The trick is to force my body into my Seattle routine right away, with normal meal-times and a normal bedtime. Problem is, it is now 7:40pm, my normal bedtime is around midnight, and I haven’t really slept (well) in two days.

Thus the blogging.

The trip went amazingly well. I have over 600 pictures and tons of content in my head that needs to written down! For now, I’ll just list the top ten impressions of India that swimming around in my mind.

1. Everybody and their dog is jumping into the IT field.
2. More things are available for the growing middle class (modern shopping malls, cars, etc.).
3. Poverty, poverty and more poverty. Poverty is rampant, even in the most affluent areas.
4. Expanding waistlines. India is quickly becoming the diabetic capital of the world.
5. India thrives on person to person relationships. It’s all about the people….and there are tons of them!
6. Driving in India requires nerves of steel, catlike reflexes, a great suspension and a really loud horn.
7. There are young people everywhere! (50% of India’s population is under the age of 25).
8. Religion permiates everything and religious conversion is rampant.
9. Cellphones are everywhere.
10 Infrastructure in cities is starting to improve, but has a long way to go.

These are the things that stick out most in mind. More in future posts.


  1. Kavit Haria says:

    Ravi, we all hope the Indian Government wakes up. In the meantime, look forward to hearing more of your trips as it brings back some great memories.
    – Kavit

  2. ravisraman says:

    Hi Kavit, I went all over (literally). Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Bihar all in North India. Then headed to Mubai, Chennai and then far south (right to the southern tip of India) for a stay in a small Indian village.

    I agree with your point that many of the poorer people in India are actually more content and happy than many well-off folks in the western world, but it is still a very dishearterning thing to see. Also, the poverty is not at all limited to the rural areas. Next to modern office complexes in Mumbai were sprawling slums. This is where all the laborers in the city (the people that actually help the middle/upper class have a high quality of life) live. Many of these laborers have moved to the cities from rural areas for better jobs.

    It is pretty clear that while they may be better off than the life they had outside the city, that they are not being compensated anywhere near the value they are providing. There are really no enforceable regulations re minimum wages or treatment of these workers, and that is part of the problem.

    I hope that the Indian government & it’s major coporations wake up to the fact that a modern democratic economy cannot operate with such a negligence towards the needs of the lower-class worker.

  3. Kavit Haria says:

    Hi Ravi, good to have you back and blogging. I have been to India as well, it was a fascinating experience. Which parts did you go to?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, in some rural places poverty exists and compared to people in the western world, they may look poor, but really its because they are extremely content where they are, deep down. I truly believe this is the case. Maybe I’m wrong though.

    Yes, cellphones, you can’t beat them. India will one day take over the UK in terms of the high tech stuff being developed.

    Bombay and Delhi particular are growing fast, you are right about the shopping malls, etc.

    My biggest shock and discovery when I travelled was of pure magnificence. The vast beauty and culture both intertwined in EVERY single part of the country is just blissful. This put everything else the country had, whether good or bad to shame.

    Anway, enough from me, have a great 2007!

    – Kavit

  4. Ross says:

    Hello mate

    Welcome back – sounds like you had a great time!

    Indeed – you’ve gotta get over that jet lag! I’m hopefully heading back for a quick 2 weeks in the UK soon, and when you’ve only got two weeks to play with you can’t arrive jet lagged for three days!

    Anyway, looking forward to more posts mate! Blogging came to a stand still for me over xmas so it is sure time to get going again!

    Have a great day,

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