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Unleash your creativity

Creativity defined means the creation of something new that is of value. I’ll boil it down to two words, NEW and VALUABLE.

Spending time reading books, blogs and videos in an effort to stay up to date and informed is one method to spark inspiration and creativity. In my own experience however, my most creative (i.e. new and valuable) thoughts come not from the outside but from the inside. The things I am most proud of creating during my life were most often the result of a sudden stroke of insight or slow emergence from nothing at all. Not from a deluge of information.

When I spent days meditating alone in that cabin, my creative fire was stoked bright and hot. When I am running or hiking in the wilderness I have more ideas than I know what to do with.

It’s easy to get “hung-over” from trying to keep up with several newspapers, a dozen magazines and the fire-hose of information from Twitter and all the techno-blogs (especially for those of us in the tech industry!). It’s therefore quite comforting to know that the way to unleash creativity is NOT by drowning in information, but in taking away extraneous information so you can begin to tap into the creative this is latent within you.

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