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Wandering Mind – Meditation Challenge Day 3

I am on day 3 of my 30 day meditation challenge. The first two days went incredibly well. Today was tougher. My allergies were acting up and I hardly slept a few hours last night. Sitting for meditation, my mind would start going crazy. Here’s a sample of about one minute of crazy mental dialogue:

Ahhh…..finally relaxing. Just focusing on my breath………..wow, I’m hungry! I wonder what I should eat for dinner? Do I have any groceries…maybe I’ll go out instead. Falafel? Nope, Chinese!!!! Yeah, I could go for some Chow Mein right now….ok back to breathing……..wow, my allergies are really acting up…it’s hard to breath…ok I’ll breath through my mouth. I’m thirsy, where is my water? don’t open my eyes, just sit tight….I wonder if 20 minutes is up? let me check….no don’t the eyes!!!! ahh….back to breathing….etc…

When you shut your eyes and sit still, you realize how crazy your mind can be and how much energy it expends on useless stuff. This reminds me of a great proverb:

No matter how far down the wrong path you go, turn back!

The whole point of meditation is to keep bringing the mind back to a single point of focus, no matter how much it wanders. The next few weeks will be interesting.


  1. Great post, I find it very interesting that it is so hard for society to clear their mind and just take a moment and think about nothing. I guess it is the stressful, fast paced lifestyle that most people lead. Two thumbs up for doing the challenge, keep up the great work and keep blogging, you have great posts on this site.

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