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Weekly Training: Jan 24-30, 2011

Using Training Peaks to track my workouts and log results. It doesn’t have the slickest UI, but it has ton of features and analysis tools baked in. Recommend anyone serious about running or triathlons to check it out. This week I wrapped up my Crossfit introduction classes. Felt progressively more tired as the week went on. Need to focus more on getting enough sleep at night. The high intensity training (albeit with very low total hourly workload/mileage) over the past couple weeks also is catching up with me.

Mon, Jan 24. Short tempo run (17:25)

Didn’t have much time between work and yoga teaching duties, so I did a super short run, with a 5 minute warm up and a 10 minute all-out effort on a fairly flat road loop near my home. I covered about 1.5 miles in the 10 minutes (6:40 pace).

Tues, Jan 25. Easy run (24:30) + Crossfit (15:00)

Easy run around Greenlake and then Crossfit class. Learned new skills: knee to elbows while hanging from a pull-up bar, rowing, front squat. The workout was a warm up then: 500m row, 4 x (5 burpees, 7 knee to elbows, 9 front squats with 45lbs), 400 meter run. My time for this workout was 8:45, which was the top time in the class by like 20-30 seconds. I was pretty far behind a bunch of strong dudes after the first rounds, but by the third round when others slowed, I just kept going at my same pace. Endurance training has some benefits!

Wed Jan 26. Track workout (57:08)

800 warm up, 6 x (400-200, jog equal distance recovery), 1200 warm down. Ran with Eastside Runners “group #6” today. I’ve been running in group #7 for all my other track workouts so far (one notch slower than 6). My times for the intervals were right on given the target times for group 6 (1:23 for 400’s and :40 for 200’s)

  1. 400 1:25
  2. 200 :36
  3. 400 1:21
  4. 200 :39
  5. 400 1:23
  6. 200 :41
  7. 400 1:23
  8. 200 :40
  9. 400 1:23
  10. 200 :40
  11. 400 1:20
  12. 200 :36

Thurs, Jan 27.  Easy run (27:00) + Crossfit (15:00)

Easy run around Greenlake followed immediately by Crossfit where we did a 15 minute timed workout =  AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of the following in 15 minutes. I did 4 sets of the entire thing. I was pretty slow, simple due to the challenge of “double unders”! My coordination sucks right now!

  • 9 x 20lb med ball cleans
  • 12 v-ups
  • 15 double-unders
  • 200 meter run

Fri, Jan 28th. Drank a bunch of beers to celebrate a Microsoft team member moving on to a new adventure.

Sat, Jan 29th. Long run on roads (2:49:30, 19.5 miles)

Super rainy and cold (45-48 degrees). Ran from Bellevue to Kirkland and back (with some other detours). 19.5 total miles. A few decent climbs. Last long run before Copper Canyon! I will do a couple 90-120 minute runs on trails, but this is the last run I really consider “long” before the big dance on March 6th.

Sun, Jan 30th. AM: Hilly bike ride outside (2:09) PM: Yoga (1:00)

Bike ride through Bellevue, to Kirkland and around Finn Hill and Juanita and back. First day outdoors on the bike in many months. Took it really easy on the flats but there were plenty of climbs and those were a challenge! Went to yoga in the evening. Feel pretty tight since my yoga practice has been slacking of late.

Total training time = 8:49:34


Reading a book called Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. Lots of good stuff in here about what an idea weight is for endurance athletes and how to determine your own, and tweak your training/diet to get you there.

The irony!