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Who are You?

Ramana Maharishi (1879 – 1950)
Sri Ramana Maharishi. Image via Wikipedia

The mind will subside only by means of the enquiry ‘Who am I?’. The thought ‘Who am I?’, destroying all other thoughts, will itself finally be destroyed like the stick used for stirring the funeral pyre.

– Sri Ramana Maharishi

The most powerful question that you can ever ask in your life  – is one that you must ask of yourself.

Who are you?


  1. Caroline says:

    Just stumbling across your website right now ..
    Wondering whether you still meditate 20 min twice a day Ravi.

    • YogiRavi says:

      I meditate daily for 10 minutes. When I feel like it I meditate longer or more than once a day, but once a day for 10 minutes is my routine right now.

  2. Reemi says:

    Only by going within again and again and again we will maybe find out who we are. At crossroads in our lives or right before death we come to know who we are… or not. It is our continuous desire that will bring us the knowledge. Thank you Ravi for letting me think about this question. I keep meditating to find some REAL stuff inside.

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