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Why Tony Robbins Should Run For President

Tony Robbins

All this talk of elections this year has me thinking about the next Presidential race, in 2008. There are lots of names floating around. Clinton, Obama, McCain. Thank goodness Cheney isn’t gonna be in contention. I wonder if Nader will make another go at it? In the coming months we should expect to leading candidates to emerge. It takes a lot of money to run for President, and they’ll need to start stumping now to build up the war chest.

If we can trust “The Governator” gallivanting around in his Hummer as fearless leader of the eighth largest economy on the planet, I think we can trust Tony.

I really hope we have an interesting election this time around. Interesting in a way that people are actually pushed to think about issues in creative ways. I would love to see someone that has the charisma, intellect and ambition to heal the sores our current administration has ripped open. I think Tony Robbins should run for President of the United States. While I admit that I am completely ignorant on most political matters, I completely serious about this.

Many other senior political leaders made the leap into politics with relatively sparse political experience. Consider Giuliani, Bloomberg or Schwarzenegger . If we can trust “The Governator” gallivanting around in his Hummer as fearless leader of the eighth largest economy on the planet, I think we can trust Tony.

Tony Robbins would be the world’s best negotiator. He is an expert in reading and responding to verbal and non-verbal communication cues. He started his personal development business teaching NLP , and has expanded to pioneer a number of innovative techniques for communicating and working with others more effectively. I couldn’t imagine a more formidable and qualified person to negotiate a cease-fire, broker a trade agreement or bolster support for amulti-nation non-violent movement against terrorism.

Tony is a self-made man. He has built a billion-dollar empire from the ground-up, starting at the age of 17. Anyone who has see Tony at one of his live programs can attest to unparalleled raw energy and emotion that he pours out. Can you imagine how powerful his State of The Union address would be? People would be buying it on DVD. He has the emotional and physical vitality to excel, and motivate those around him to rise to the occasion as well. As a wealthy guy, he could also bankroll his own campaign.

Again, I am completely serious about this. Do I think that Tony would actually win if he ran for President? Probably not, but the impact he would have in just going through the process would be outstanding. People would stop settling for second-rate career-politicians and set a much higher standard for what a political leader should really be; a powerful, inspirational and motivating force for good.

What do you think of this idea? Leave a comment and let me know if you agree, or if you think I should quickly end my career as a political commentator.

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  1. John says:

    I believe Tony Robbins would be an awesome candidate to run in 2016! I believe he would win in a landside! I think he should run for president! He is probably who we need to change this country back to being better! And improve the economy! We need a president who is strong! And can stand up for America! I think Tony Robbins is that guy!

  2. Ani says:

    YES!!!! 100% I agree with you!!!!!! He would be amazing! I really hope he will one day consider this 🙂

  3. Merry Joy says:

    I totally agree with you! Tony Robbins is a great speaker and communicator! He is also very charming. He knows about running a business and how to make business better for people. I don’t know what his political views are but I think he may be more on the conservative side. He owns his own island in the Figi islands. I would vote for him for sure! He would be inspiring like Ronald Reagan was. from Merry Joy

  4. Deus says:

    Tony Robbins running for US presidency? What an idea? America would become stronger and greater, and once again more inspiring wih Tony Robbins. I wish that could happen one day, even though morally and spiritually I don’t believe in divorce, just for a younger one.

  5. 🙂 Dont you know that it is his goal? 🙂
    Be sure one day he will be the president of the USA! I just know and feel it!

    And when the day come that he will be a candidate, I will come from germany to support him!

    See how close he is to Al Gore! 🙂

  6. g says:

    Not gonna happen, he has WAYYYY to many skeletons in the closet that will come out in an election campaign. Look at what happened with his ex-wife, all that dirt will come out if he does any kind of public life.

  7. T. Dones says:

    I disagree with your comment. . . . “Do I think that Tony would actually win if he ran for President? Probably not”. . . . . OF COURSE HE WOULD WIN! ! ! Although I have never listened or read much of his products I feel he is a bonafide leader. The way he transforms peoples lifes across the globe is amazing. He has my vote and I have at least 400 people who I can gaurantee will be right behind me voting for him. He’s probably too busy for Presidency anyway with his crazy schedules and demand! !! = )

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