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Yoga Strengthens Your Weakest Links

I recently started practicing yoga asana again after a 9 month hiatus. Life got busy so I spent my time doing things aside from heading to a warm yoga studio to sweat and breath deeply. Over the past few weeks I’ve rolled out my mat several times. I’ve re-discovered how my yoga practice illuminates and challenges my “weakest links.” Right now these weak links are my ability to breath deeply, flex my spine and maintain a steadiness of mind. What I love is that even though I’m challenged now, I know that what is challenged will inevitably react and strengthen.



  1. Leanora says:

    Hi Ravi! I used to (try to) regularly get to your class at Shakti, and really enjoy your teaching style! I had to Google you to find out where you went! I’m glad you’ve started getting back to yoga–I know it’s hard to balance long-distance run training with any other activity! Any time I’m training for a half marathon I completely lose my yoga, even though I know they are such a great complement to each other!–& I hope you will eventually come back to teaching as well.

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