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Yoga TAP Program Complete!

The first step in my goal to start teaching yoga is complete. Today was the last day in the Teacher Assistant Program (TAP) that I have been go through at my studio. It was 4 weekends of training (24 hours in total). The focus of the program was how to deliver hands-on adjustments to the 50+ postures in Baptiste Vinyasa Power Yoga. We learned how to align, correct and deepen.

Next, I’ll have to continue practicing what I learned and start assisting during classes. For the style of yoga I am practicing, there are actual Teacher Training programs that I will need to go to before I can start teaching at my studio. These are 1-2 week residential programs. It will be a year or two before I will be able to complete those.

In the meantime, my plan is to first start assisting at my studio to deepen my own knowledge, and then, start teaching at a smaller studio or gym (that might not require me to have gone through a formal teacher training).

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